Monday, July 30, 2012


I heard once that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again with no results. I must be insane, but probably more of a creature of habit. The familiar is not scary, but comfortable. And I like being comfortable. I don't do change well at all, but over the years and three children later you eventually begin to learn that change is okay. I have ben stuck in the comfortable and familiar for too long. I was challenged by two friends today. One named Kimberly and the other Angela. I woke up this morning and found a Facebook message from my friend Angela encouraging me to come to a Zumba class. Zumba. What?? No way, I don't wiggle like that, but I was determined to go. I told myself it is okay to try something new and besides Angela is fun to work out with. She is happy and smiling all the time and I love people like that. So off I went to wiggle and jiggle. To my surprise it was quite fun when you let loose and enjoy yourself. I felt like the wii commercial on tv where the lady was dripping sweat everywhere. It was fun and I will go back to wiggle off these pounds and to workout with Angela. The Zumba instructor just happens to be a friend of mine too. Kimberly makes all her classes fun. I giggled and learned so much. And yes, I Christi McInnis had fun in Zumba. After the class Kimberly and I walked out together just talking and she suggested I try a free on line Weightloss support called fitness pal. It counts calories, tracks your intake, exercise, and basically did everything weight watchers was doing but for free. I must have been insane to consider it. After all weight watchers has been my friend for years. It was a friend I refused to listened to and participate with yet oddly enough received my faithful monthly contribution in the hopes that one day e weight would come off. So today, I said fairwell to an old friend to start a new beginning with my pal called Mr. fitness. I still can't believe I took the step to move on to a new beginning, but I did. The funny thing is that I have been hearing God ask this of me. He knows I need change and am hard to reach in the area of health and temple care. But I thank Him for placing people in my life like Angela and Kimberly to help and encourage. They both are being used by God to get to me and I love that. If you are still enough to listen, God speaks in many different ways. Thanks God for using my friends to encourage change.

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